UMGC Europe offers programs of study leading to University of Maryland Global Campus lower-level certificates in specific academic areas including accounting foundations, computer studies, foreign language area studies (Arabic and the Middle East, German, Italian, and Spanish), management, and women’s studies. All requirements involve lower-level courses, although appropriate upper-level courses may be substituted.

These certificate programs are not terminal programs if you wish to continue working toward your associate or bachelor’s degree. You may pursue a degree and certificate(s) simultaneously or pursue a degree after completing the certificate(s), but the application for any certificate(s) completed while in progress toward the associate or bachelor’s degree must be submitted before awarding of the degree.

If you apply for your certificate after your degree has been awarded, additional coursework will be required to complete the certificate. You are responsible for notifying UMGC of your intention to complete certificate work before you complete your last course. (The application for the credential is available at Contact your academic advisor for more information.

The individual certificate coursework requirements specified in the following section are applicable to students who begin continuous enrollment on or after 1 August 2019.

Undergraduate Certificate Programs

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