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MyCAA Military Spouse Scholarship Program

Earn military tuition assistance and a variety of education benefits and financial aid at UMGC Europe.

As a military spouse, you deserve a high-quality education that leads to an in-demand career. What's more, you need a career path that's portable, so relocation never gets in the way of reaching your goals. You may be eligible for up to $4,000 in financial assistance through the MyCAA scholarship program.

See the guidelines below for eligibility requirements and program details:

  • Spouses of service members on active duty in pay grades E-1 to E-6*, W-1 to W-2 and O-1 to O-3* who have successfully completed high school and have the ability to request tuition assistance while their military sponsor is on Title 10 military orders are eligible.
  •  Spouses married to members of the National Guard and reserves in these same pay grades are eligible.

* The first 1,250 approved applicants in pay grades E-6 and O-3 will receive MyCAA financial assistance based on available funding.

For more information about MyCAA, please visit the FAQ page or contact your UMGC Europe academic advisor. We also encourage you to explore the many financial aid opportunities available to you while enrolled in UMGC Europe. These include Pell Grants, scholarships, loans, and monthly payment plans. Military OneSource career and education counselors are available to provide additional counseling and support. For more details, visit the MyCAA website.

**MyCAA now requires degree plans to be completed by an advisor and submitted in a typed format. Please see your UMGC Europe academic advisor to obtain the correct degree plan for submitting to MyCAA.**

Available Programs

These undergraduate certificates are also available for the MyCAA program:

Check with your academic advisor for assistance in choosing your program of study and in order to find out about your first steps. 

How to Get Started in the MyCAA Program

Getting started using your MyCAA benefit at UMGC is easy.

  1. Set up a profile in MyCAA.
  2. Review and digitally sign the MyCAA online Statement of Understanding Terms and Conditions.
  3. Develop a career and training plan; MyCAA does not reimburse for classes that have already started.
  4. Search for UMGC using the School Search function under the Resources tab.
  5. Apply to UMGC.