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UMGC GEM Courses

Get the courses you need to complete GEM requirements for your CCAF associate's degree.

Choose one course from each of the five categories listed below to complete your Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) associate's degree GEM requirements.

UMGC guarantees that at least one course from each category will be offered online during each session, making it possible to takes courses every session to fulfill your GEM requirements. Many of the GEM courses will be offered on-site as well. Please check with your local UMGC Europe program coordinator or Air Force education counselor for more information on course applicability.

Oral Communication(3 Credits, SPCH 100)
Written Communication(3 Credits, WRTG 112) or (3 Credits, WRTG 291)
Mathematics(3 Credits, MATH 103)**, (3 Credits, MATH 105), (3 Credits, MATH 107), or (3 Credits, MATH 115)
Social Science*

Most 100- or 200-level courses in ANTH, BEHS, ECON, GEOG, GVPT, HIST, PSYC, SOCY, and WMST

At least one course from the selection below will be offered online every session:

(3 Credits, ANTH 102), (3 Credits, BEHS 210), (3 Credits, ECON 201), (3 Credits, GVPT 170), (3 Credits, SOCY 100), (3 Credits, PSYC 100), (3 Credits, HIST 157), (3 Credits, GVPT 100), (3 Credits, ECON 203)


Most 100- to 200-level courses in ARTH, ENGL, HUMN, MUSC, PHIL, THET, and foreign languages

At least one course from the selection below will be offered online every session:

(3 Credits, ARTT 205), (3 Credits, ENGL 240), (3 Credits, GERM 111), (3 Credits, JAPN 111), (3 Credits, MUSC 210), (3 Credits, PHIL 100), (3 Credits, PHIL 110), (3 Credits, PHIL 140), (3 Credits, SPAN 111)

* Please note: The above list does not preclude you from taking other courses that may apply. You may take any course - online or on-site - in the required subject areas as long as it is approved by an education counselor.
** On-site only


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