A popular choice for retiring veterans and career changers, UMGC Europe’s degree programs in psychology or social science will help prepare you for a multitude of careers in the field.

University of Maryland Global Campus Europe can help you explore the fascinating landscape of the human mind and gain insight on pressing social issues by studying how groups, cultures, organizations, and institutions function.

Prepare to Advance in Psychology & Social Science



  • Psychology Specialization
  • Women's Studies Curriculum

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Why Study Psychology or Social Science at UMGC Europe?

  • A degree in psychology will prepare you for a variety of roles in the mental health field, such as a researcher or psychiatric technician. A background in psychology can also be applied to related fields, such as human resources, sales and marketing, healthcare, and many others.
  • A social science degree will enable you to pursue a variety of careers, such as program/policy analyst, research assistant, or program developer and manager, in fields that serve the public, including business administration, elder care, government, health services, law enforcement, human resources, and community service.
  • Gain an understanding of major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in psychology to prepare for graduate study or relevant careers.

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