Certificates, Diplomas, and Graduation

UMGC's Graduation Services is ready to support your needs as you progress toward the completion of your degree and plan for graduation. The checklist below is designed to help ensure completion of all the necessary tasks required for graduation -- including applying for graduation, final review of degree program requirements, and mailing of diplomas -- and helps lead the way toward a successful graduation.

Letter of Completion

A Letter of Completion is a document indicating that you have completed your degree requirements. They are often used for employers and promotion boards when the degree has not yet been posted to the transcript. Degrees and certificates are posted to transcripts only three times each academic year. This posting will not appear on any transcript issued prior to the graduation date, even if all requirements have been completed. To request a Letter of Completion, once you have completed your degree coursework, send an e-mail to graduationserv@umgc.edu. Be sure to include your name, Empl ID (MyUMGC Student ID), and address where the letter should be sent. If your letter has to be sent to a third party, a letter with signature via fax or hard copy is required. After the graduation date has passed, students must request an official transcript for degree verification. 

Step One: Contact Your Advisor

The term before you plan to graduate, contact your academic advisor to discuss the completion of your degree requirements or refer to your academic advising report (AAR).

Step Two: Apply for Graduation

Apply for graduation before the appropriate deadline. Log into MyUMGC and select My Academics > Graduation > Apply for Diploma/Certificate.

Deadline for students in undergraduate programs and most graduate degree and certificate programs:

  • December graduation: October 15
  • May graduation: February 15
  • August graduation: June 15

Deadline for students in the standard two-year MBA program and the CIO certificate program:

  • December graduation: October 15
  • March graduation: February 15
  • June graduation: April 1
  • September graduation: July 15

Step Three: Pay the Application Fee

After you have applied, pay the application fee of $50 per degree program within 10 days. Please note that every program (for example, certificate or bachelor's degree) requires a separate application and fee.

Step Four: Confirm Your Graduation Status

The Graduation Services Office will review your academic record and send you a graduation candidate checklist. Your graduation checklist will include your status for graduation, such as cleared, cleared pending, or denied.

Please ensure your permanent address is correct in MyUMGC. All information regarding graduation will be mailed to your permanent address.

Graduate students: If the remaining requirements include incompletes to be removed, courses to be transferred from other institutions, credit by examination, or military credit, the student must ensure this work is completed and official documentation reaches the UMGC Europe, Office of Graduate Programs, Unit 29216, APO AE 09004, no later than the first day of the month in which the degree is to be awarded.

Step Five: UMGC Confers Your Degree

After you are cleared for graduation, with no remaining requirements or courses in progress, your degree will be conferred and you will automatically receive a letter of completion. At the end of that semester, a diploma/certificate will be mailed four to six weeks after the conferral date.

Graduate students: If you need special verification of meeting master's degree requirements prior to receiving the diploma, you may request a Letter of Completion.

Conferral dates for students in undergraduate programs and most graduate degree and certificate programs:

  • December graduation: December 30
  • May graduation: May 30
  • August graduation: August 30

Conferral dates for students in the standard two-year MBA program and the CIO certificate program:

  • December graduation: December 30
  • March graduation: March 30
  • June graduation: June 30
  • September graduation: September 30

Step Six: Participate in Commencement

Congratulations on your accomplishment! August and December graduates from the previous year, as well as May graduates from the current year, will be invited to participate in the May commencement ceremony. Please note that you must have applied for graduation to participate in the ceremony, which is for associate, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral candidates. Please refer to the commencement website for further details about participating in the ceremony.

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