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Digital Marketing Principles

MRKT 311 | 3 Credits

Course Desc: An introduction to the various types of digital marketing and the skills needed for each type. The aim is to recognize the various stages in the customer journey and marketing funnel. Discussions explore developing a unique value proposition and assessing the contribution of a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis to a marketing plan. Projects involve developing a digital marketing plan that includes a digital strategy to create and deliver value to consumers in a digital world.

Email Marketing

MRKT 356 | 3 Credits

Course Desc: Prerequisite: MRKT 311. An introduction to various aspects of an effective email marketing campaign, using segmentation, personalization, automation, and data analysis strategies. Topics include techniques to incorporate triggers in automated campaigns and generate Mailchimp email campaign reports. A final project entails presentation of a plan to execute an effective mail campaign.

Integrated Marketing Communications

MRKT 354 | 3 Credits

Course Desc: Prerequisite: MRKT 310 or MRKT 311. A study of the integration of marketing communication strategies to coordinate the marketing mix¿s components and achieve harmony in messages to customers and other stakeholders. Emphasis is on leveraging various digital tools to achieve customer-centered marketing communications objectives. Topics include various communication modalities, e.g., digital media (including search, display, and social media), traditional advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing.

Global Marketing

MRKT 454 | 3 Credits

Course Desc: Prerequisite: MRKT 310. An in-depth study of marketing principles as they relate to the global marketplace. The aim is to apply marketing principles and strategies to a global organization and markets. Discussion covers the influence of internationalization on the U.S. economy, the competitive pressures on the intensifying global markets, and the development of marketing plans tailored to reach international and global markets. Topics also include the political, economic, legal, regulatory, and sociocultural trends affecting international marketing; the dynamic environments in which global marketing strategies are formulated; and the challenge of implementing marketing programs leading to competitive advantage.

Nonprofit Marketing

MRKT 314 | 3 Credits

Course Desc: Prerequisite: MRKT 310. An overview of the key issues of marketing in a nonprofit organization. The aim is to develop marketing plans that maximize exchange relationships with multiple stakeholders. Topics include the application of marketing-mix principles. Projects include researching and writing a grant proposal. Students may receive credit for only one of the following courses: BMGT 398B or MRKT 314.

Consumer Behavior in Digital Media

MRKT 411 | 3 Credits

Course Desc: Prerequisite: MRKT 311. A study of consumer motivation and consumer behavior in a digital environment. The aim is to synthesize consumer research in order to develop insights into the target audience. Topics include branding, content development, and channel management strategy and their contribution to the consumer experience. Discussion also covers effective blog writing and developing optimum visual designs to influence consumer behavior.

Managing Customer Relationships in Digital Marketing

MRKT 394 | 3 Credits

Course Desc: Prerequisite: MRKT 310 or MRKT 311. The analysis of digital marketing strategies in order to promote and retain customer relationships. Topics include identifying potential customers and analyzing data to improve the results of marketing campaigns. Hands-on experience in using Google Analytics and conducting A/B tests is provided through course projects. Data visualization techniques are used to gain better insights into customer experience.

Marketing Research

MRKT 412 | 3 Credits

Course Desc: Prerequisites: MATH 105 and MRKT 310. A study of the specialized field of marketing research as it is used to identify market needs, profile target markets, test promotional efforts, and measure the effectiveness of marketing plans. The goal is to assess marketing research needs, design and implement a marketing research plan, and use results to formulate marketing strategies. Discussion covers procedures for planning survey projects, designing statistical samples, tabulating data, and preparing reports. Emphasis is on managing the marketing research function. Students may receive credit for only one of the following courses: BMGT 452 or MRKT 412.

Marketing Principles

MRKT 310 | 3 Credits

Course Desc: A foundation in the principles of marketing used to manage profitable customer relationships. The objective is to understand the pivotal role of marketing within both an organization¿s strategic plan and the marketing process and determine marketing strategies and tactics. Topics include consumer behavior, competitive analysis, segmentation, target marketing, positioning, branding, new product development, pricing, value chains, and marketing communications. Students may receive credit for only one of the following courses: BMGT 350, MGMT 322, MRKT 310, or TMGT 322.

Social Media Marketing

MRKT 458 | 3 Credits

Course Desc: Prerequisite: MRKT 310 or MRKT 311. A study of the effective use of social media tools and networks to market products and services. The objective is to develop an optimal social media strategy that simulates a digital ad campaign. Topics include techniques to plan and create digital content. Project assignments involve creating ads in Facebook using Facebook¿s Ads Manager tools. Discussion also covers reporting on and analyzing online advertisements and managing social media communities.

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