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The American Congress

GVPT 399S | 1 Credit

Course Desc: A study of one of the most powerful legislative bodies in the world--the American Congress. Focus is on the structure and inner workings of Congress as well as the constitutional basis for its operations. The basic rules of the electoral and legislative processes and the resources and strategies of members of Congress and other key players are also analyzed.

Korean-American Security Relations

GVPT 377B | 1 Credit

Course Desc: A study of the changing Korean-American security relationship. Topics include Korean-American relations, the U.S. involvement in Northeast Asia, and the perceptions of Koreans of their role in Northeast Asia. Some techniques of political science and international relations are covered.

International Human Rights

GVPT 308 | 3 Credits

Course Desc: Recommended: GVPT 100. An examination of the principles and practices governing human rights from ancient times to contemporary international conventions and U.N. declarations. The aim is to analyze, evaluate, and discuss present national/international pushes for human rights and emancipation. Students may receive credit for only one of the following courses: GVPT 308 or GVPT 399Y.

State Terrorism

GVPT 407 | 3 Credits

Course Desc: An examination of the use of force and power (terrorism) by states against various populations to advance the interests of their civilization or state. The objective is to apply knowledge of culture, tradition, ideology, and methodology to comprehend state terrorism; analyze risk to national security; and explain how domestic climates and international relationships interact to support state terrorism. Topics include state behavior and norms; state interests, power, and force; application of power and force; and coercion within and among civilizations. Students who have completed GVPT 401B or GVPT 401C may not receive credit for GVPT 407.

Workplace Learning in Government and Politics

GVPT 486B | 6 Credits

Course Desc: Prerequisites: 9 credits in the discipline and prior program approval (requirements detailed online at The integration of discipline-specific knowledge with new experiences in the work environment. Tasks include completing a series of academic assignments that parallel work experiences.

Foreign Policy of Russia and Post-Soviet States

GVPT 451 | 3 Credits

Course Desc: An overview of the foreign policy of Russia and several other former Soviet republics. Primary emphasis is on the development of contemporary Russian foreign policy. The impact of the Soviet legacy on other post-Soviet republics and the dynamics of their relations with the outside world are examined.

Government and Politics of South Korea

GVPT 399P | 3 Credits

Course Desc: Recommended: GVPT 100. A study of the Korean political system and political decision making process. Topics include the system of government, the origin of governmental policies, and the role of public policies in Korean society. Discussion also covers the current government reform movement, recent political events, and how the political system can catch up with recent developments in the Korean economy.

The Presidency and the Executive Branch

GVPT 475 | 3 Credits

Course Desc: Prerequisite: WRTG 112 or equivalent. A study of the president's influence on legislative matters, the president's function in the executive branch (including domestic and foreign policy), and the president's role in his or her political party. The aim is to analyze contemporary uses of the presidency, evaluate an election strategy, and communicate realities of the presidential office.

Introduction to Political Science

GVPT 100 | 3 Credits

Course Desc: A survey of the basic principles of political science. The objective is to define the main features of primary systems of political economy to understand differing methods of governance and articulate consequences of government actions in a globally interdependent system. Topics include the relationship of political science to the other social sciences; modern democracy, political ideology, and political socialization; the function of public opinion, mass media, interest groups, and political parties; the basic institutions of government and the separation of powers; and the role of international relations and globalization.

International Terrorism

GVPT 199C | 1 Credit

Course Desc: An examination of the origins, theories, methods, dangers, and possible future of international terrorism. The serious nature of terrorism today and how prepared government should be to control it are addressed. Topics include the definition of terrorism; reasons for growth; terrorist groups and their grievances; supporters of terrorism; questions of moral or philosophical justification; and protection against kidnappings, skyjackings and bombings. Students may receive credit for only one of the following courses: GVPT 199C or GVPT 401D.

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