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Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts
  • 120 credits
  • Transfer up to 90 credits
  • All courses are available online
  • Select on-site and hybrid courses available
  • $250 per credit hour
    (Europe & Downrange)

See our Tuition Rates page for details.

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Gain an understanding of the world through a comparative study of the ideas and values of cultures.

Explore how individuals and groups understand their existence, their place within their cultures, and their responsibility to others and their shared communities for a bachelor’s degree in humanities from University of Maryland Global Campus. The program offers real-world applications, a solid base of critical thinking on which to build a career or pursue further study, and a unique perspective on cultural and intellectual heritage.

Total Credits Required: 120

  • Required Major Courses: 33
  • Minor and Elective Courses: 46
  • General Education Courses: 41

Required Major Courses

  • (3 Credits, HUMN 100)
  • (3 Credits, PHIL 100)
  • (3 Credits, PHIL 140)
  • (3 Credits, HIST 115)
    or (3 Credits, HIST 116)
    or (3 Credits, HIST 141)
    or (3 Credits, HIST 142)
  • (3 Credits, MUSC 210)
    or any level MUSC course
  • (3 Credits, ARTH 372)
    or any upper-level ARTH course
  • (3 Credits, PHIL 304)
    or any upper-level PHIL course
  • (3 Credits, HUMN 351)
    or any upper-level HUMN course
  • (3 Credits, PHIL 349)
    or any upper-level PHIL course
  • (3 Credits, ENGL 406)
    or any upper-level ENGL course
  • (3 Credits, HUMN 495)

A degree with a major in humanities requires the successful completion of 120 credits of coursework, including 33 credits for the major; 41 credits in general education requirements; and 46 credits in the minor, electives, and other degree requirements. At least 17 credits in the major must be earned in upper-level courses (numbered 300 or above). See overall degree requirements.

Research and Computer Literacy Courses

  • (3 Credits, PACE 111M) or (3 Credits, PACE 111C) or other PACE 111 course (to be taken in first 6 credits)
  • (1 Credit, LIBS 150) or (1 Credit, CAPL 398A) or other general education elective
  • (3 Credits, IFSM 201) or (3 Credits, CMST 301) or another computing course appropriate to the academic major

Communications Courses

  • (3 Credits, WRTG 111) or (3 Credits, WRTG 291) or other writing course
  • (3 Credits, WRTG 112)
  • (3 Credits, SPCH 100) or other communication, writing, or speech course
  • (3 Credits, WRTG 391) or other advanced upper-level writing course

Math Course

  • (3 Credits, MATH 105) or other approved math or statistics course

Arts and Humanities Courses

  • (3 Credits, HIST 157) or other arts and humanities course
  • (3 Credits, ENGL 240) or foreign language course or other arts and humanities course

Behavioral and Social Science Courses

  • (3 Credits, ECON 201) or (3 Credits, PSYC 100) or other behavioral and social science course
  • (3 Credits, GVPT 170) or other behavioral and social science course

Biological and Physical Sciences Courses

  • (3 Credits, BIOL 101) and (1 Credit, BIOL 102) or other paired science lecture and laboratory courses
  • (3 Credits, NUTR 100) or (3 Credits, BIOL 160) or other science lecture course

Program Highlights

Develop skills and gain knowledge through coursework that draws from the expertise and experience of our respected faculty.

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