Maximize Your Unit's Investment in Education

UMGC offers customized on-site courses at the time and location that’s most convenient for your unit. We understand the numerous demands and busy schedule a unit faces. With these specialized courses, quality education is more accessible than ever.

Advance Individual Goals

UMGC stands ready to guide warriors toward reaching their goals with degree programs that help make the most of military careers and educational opportunities. Unit courses offer a team environment while benefiting individuals in all service branches:

  • Airmen – unit courses may meet CCAF requirements to be applied toward a CCAF Associate in Applied Science (AAS). Airmen may also apply these courses toward other advanced degrees.

  • Soldiers – may receive promotion points for completed courses and may be attributed college credit for previous military schools and training.

  • Sailors – UMGC degree programs correspond with Navy ratings. Also, sailors may receive relevant military credit toward degree requirements to accelerate their graduation date.

How Do I Schedule A Unit Course?

  1. Contact your local field office

  2. Decide on the course and when you would like it scheduled

  3. The UMGC representative will forward this information to the education services officer for review

What is a Unit Course?

A unit course is an undergraduate, for-credit, university course specifically designed to meet unit needs. While maintaining the same high quality academic standards, faculty credentials, and program requirements offered in all UMGC programs, we can customize the format of undergraduate courses. We would be pleased to suggest specific courses that will maximize your unit's investment in education.

When and Where Can a Unit Course be Scheduled?

Scheduling is flexible and designed for the convenience of the unit. For example, the course can be daytime, evenings, or weekends at times and locations which are most convenient. They can also be scheduled to accommodate deployment schedules. Additionally, the course can be offered on-site at the unit if classroom space is available.

Which Classes are Offered?

Any UMGC one or three credit course may be offered as a unit course. However, each course requires the approval of the education services officer and the availability of a qualified faculty member. Popular unit requests include courses in:

  • Writing

  • Foreign languages (including Arabic)

  • Computer Studies

  • Government

  • Business & management

  • History

  • Information systems management

  • Math

  • Psychology

  • Speech