Vicenza offers comprehensive services for prospective and current students.

University of Maryland Global Campus Europe offers classes and full services at Vicenza, Italy.



  • Base: Caserma Ederle
  • Education Center: Vicenza Army Education Center & Del Din Education Center
  • Building: 126, Room 16 (Vicenza) & Building 2 (Del Din)

Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri, 0800-1630
Closed U.S. holidays

Del Din
Mon-Fri, 0800-1630


Contact Information

  • DSN: 314-646-4825/4826/4847 (Vicenza), 314-646-4853 (Advising Del Din)
  • Civilian: +39-0444-71-4825/4826/4847 (Vicenza), +39-0444-71-4853 (Advising Del Din)
  • Email:

Upcoming On-Site Events

Thank you for your interest. We currently have no events in this location scheduled at this time. See the full list of upcoming webinars and events.


Emphasizing a personal approach to education, the UMGC academic advising staff is always available to assist you in developing a personalized plan of study. Request a Fast Plan and meet the advising team.

Contact us to set an appointment with your academic advisor.

UMGC Academic Advising

Hours: Mon-Fri, 0800-1630
DSN: 314-646-4825/4826/4847 (Vicenza), 314-646-4853 (Advising Del Din)
Civilian: +39-0444-71-4825/4826/4847 (Vicenza), +39-0444-71-4853 (Advising Del Din)

Social Work Advising

Hours: Mon-Fri, 0900-1600
Civilian: +49-(0)631-534-80315

Your Advisor(s)

Ricky Lucas, MBA

Senior Academic Advisor
UMGC Programs Advising

Testing Services

UMGC also offers National Test Center (NTC) featuring exams and certifications in a wide variety of subject areas, on-site support, easy scheduling, and the benefit of instant score results. Available exams include College Level Examination Program (CLEP), DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST), Pearson VUE, and Excelsior College exams. If you are interested in earning credit or certifications through testing services, contact the test administrator at this location.

Computer Labs

The UMGC-sponsored computer lab has four computers available for student use. Each computer provides access to the Internet, as well as word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software. The computer lab is located in Room 12 inside the education center.

Directions and Parking

The UMGC office is located in the Vicenza Army Education Center on Caserma Ederle in Building 126, Room 16.

To find our location, please take the A4 and exit at the “Vicenza Est” exit. At the end of the exit you will come to a toll booth. After you pass through the toll booth, you will come to a traffic circle. Take the third exit in the traffic circle toward Caserma Ederle. Drive straight until you come to an intersection that is a large traffic circle. Veer to the left and then veer immediately right and exit the traffic circle. Drive straight until you come to a bridge. Veer to the left and pass over a two-lane bridge onto "Via Aldo Moro." Remain straight on "Via Aldo Moro" until you come to a traffic circle at the end of the street. Take the third exit in the traffic circle, driving in the opposite direction on "Via Aldo Moro." Caserma Ederle is located on the right side of the street. Once you are on post and passed through the inspection area, please take a right at the yield sign. You will pass a Burger King and come to "T" intersection, turn left. At the next street, turn right onto 8th Street. Continue straight past the ACS, about half of the way down the street across from the 1st Battalion Headquarters. The education center is a one story building located on the right side of the street. Parking is available in front of Building 126.

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