Pell Grant Calculator

Calculate your estimated Pell Grant award for the academic year.

Pell Grant Calculator

To view your estimated Pell Grant award, please select an academic year and enter your expected family contribution (EFC amount). You can find this information by referring to your Student Aid Report (SAR).

To be eligible for Pell funding for a specific academic year, your EFC must be less than the amount in the chart below:

Academic YearEFC

Please Note

Your final EFC amount will not be determined until your file has been reviewed by the Financial Aid Office and you have been officially awarded financial aid.

Please make note of the following requirements that impact your eligibility for a Pell Grant:

  • Your Federal Pell Grant may not cover the entire tuition costs each semester. You are responsible for any outstanding balance once your grant has been applied to your account. You may also use your student loan to cover the difference.
  • Federal Pell Grant payments are based on your active enrollment level for the term. Course drops, withdrawals, cancelations, or courses with a mark of FN (failure for non-attendance) may not be included in the determination of Pell eligibility. Pell Grants will adjust to reflect your current active enrollment throughout the term. 
  • Federal financial aid students should note that UMGC reserves the right to modify or cancel your aid because of changes in your academic status and/or financial aid eligibility. Find out more on how enrollment changes can affect your aid.