At UMGC, you can design a class schedule to fit your busy life schedule. With multiple start dates each term, we make it easier to balance classes with work and family responsibilities. We also offer on-site, online, hybrid, and live streaming formats for maximum flexibility. Find out the benefits of the live streaming format.

What is a live streaming class? +

Live streaming is a unique learning experience with many advantages. The live streaming format allows you to attend selected courses from the convenience of your local education center with classmates in various remote locations.

For example, the course BMGT 364 Management and Organization Theory is offered as a live streaming hybrid (on-site and online) course. The professor will teach students in person at the SHAPE Education Center in Shape, Belgium. At the same time, another set of students in a location remote from SHAPE, such as in Kaiserslautern, Germany, will join the class virtually via live streaming from their classroom at the Kaiserslautern Education Center.

What are the benefits of a live streaming class? +

The live streaming format enables you to enroll in courses that may not otherwise be available on-site at your location. Since you are meeting in-person with fellow classmates and your professor, you are able to enjoy all the interpersonal and learning benefits an on-site course offers.

Additionally, courses using the live streaming format are counted as on-site which aides students applying for veterans eligibility benefits and the basic housing allowance.

How does live streaming work? +

The classroom from where students attend and the professor teaches in-person is called the host location. The classroom from where students attend virtually is called the remote location.

UMGC Europe provides the video and audio feed to the locations. The class is projected, using this feed, to the students at the remote location and the host location simultaneously. It is as if everyone is sitting in class together regardless of where they are physically located.

Is the live streaming classroom experience interactive? +

Yes. You and your classmates will enjoy the same course content and requirements regardless of your location. The professor and the students from the host site can see and hear students from the remote site, and vice versa. Live streaming expands the classroom and connects in real time the professor and his/her students from different locations.

Are there any technical requirements I need to be aware of for my class? +

The UMGC Europe Technical Support team and local staff coordinate the live streaming class at each location. There are no technical requirements you need to complete to set-up the class. UMGC faculty and field staff stand ready to assist throughout the duration of the course, from the first day of class to the last.

What do you need to do to go to class? +

There is nothing special you need to do to attend class at either the host or remote location. Just show up to the classroom in time to start as you normally would.

May I join the live streaming class from my home or office, or from somewhere other than the UMGC Europe host or remote classroom location? +

Sorry, it is not possible since you are required to meet in the designated classroom. You must attend your live streaming class from either the host or remote physical classrooms.

How does a student find out about live streaming classes? +

Visit the UMGC office at the education center to discuss what live streaming options are available at your site. If a course is using live streaming, you will see a note indicating this with the course information on the Schedule of Classes.