If you already received an associate degree from UMGC or another approved institution, you can broaden your education by earning a second associate degree with coursework in or related to a different academic core area.

You must have received the first associate degree to be eligible to begin the second. For a second associate degree, you must complete at least 15 credits of new coursework with UMGC (including at least 9 credits in the core or core-related area, depending on the degree program). The new 15 credits must be uniquely applicable to the second AA curriculum.

Before enrolling in coursework toward a second associate degree, you must request an official evaluation. You may not earn two degrees at the same level (e.g. associate degree level) at the same time using the same credit. Consult an academic advisor for more information on earning a second associate degree.

Earning an Associate Degree after Earning a Bachelor’s Degree

It is possible for you to earn an associate degree concurrently with your bachelor’s degree if all degree requirements have been met for both degrees and you apply for both degrees. However, once the bachelor’s degree is conferred, you will be held to second degree rules for associate degrees, which stipulate that you must earn 15 new credits with UMGC.