If you still have questions after reading the FAQs, please contact UMGC Europe Headquarters at CIV +49-(0)631-534-800, or e-mail commencement-europe@umgc.edu.

All eligible students will be sent an invitational e-mail in February. If you have not received your e-mail by 28 February, please contact us. Please ensure your contact information is current in MyUMGC. To verify your information, follow the navigation:
Log in to MyUMGC MyInfo Contact Info.

When and where does the commencement ceremony take place? +

The commencement ceremony will take place on Saturday, 4 May, at 1400 at the Ramstein Officers' Club on Ramstein Air Base, Germany.

How do I participate in commencement? +

You must confirm participation as soon as possible. For further questions, contact Student Services at CIV +49-(0)631-534-80266 or e-mail commencement-europe@umgc.edu.

Is there a rehearsal? +

No, but there is a mandatory check-in from 0900-1130 CET on Saturday, 4 May which is followed by a line-up and final roll call at 1230.

Are guests welcome and how do they get tickets? +

Tickets are required for guest seating during the ceremony and will be provided to you at the check-in area from 0900-1130. Due to limited seating, you may bring up to three guests. All guests are invited to join you for the reception after the ceremony. For security related issues, contact the commencement coordinator at commencement-europe@umgc.edu,
CIV +49-(0)631-534-800.

Will you be live streaming the ceremony? +

Yes, we are going LIVE on Facebook. Please invite anyone not able to attend the ceremony to watch you on our UMGC Europe Facebook newsfeed. Filming will begin at app. 1400 CET.
Special note: Access to the Internet from the event location may be limited, so you may experience some technical difficulties while watching the ceremony on Facebook Live. We are very sorry if this does occur and apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

You will also have the option to use our special live streaming connection to view the entire ceremony from anywhere in the world. 

May I bring a pet to the ceremony? +

We are sorry, but pets will not be able to attend the ceremony or reception due to the local facility regulations. However, registered service or assistance dogs are allowed. Please contact commencement-europe@umgc.edu prior to the ceremony to make arrangements.

Is lodging available? +

If you or your guests are arriving from out of town to attend commencement, you may wish to reserve overnight accommodations on base in the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC) area, if eligible. Several lodging options are available to you on various military installations in the area, such as:

Ramstein Inns - Vogelweh

Vogelweh Air Base in Kaiserslautern, Germany
CIV +49-(0)631-536-8910 
DSN: 314-489-8910

Ramstein Inns - Ramstein

Ramstein Air Base in Ramstein-Miesenbach, Germany 
CIV +49-(0)6371-450
DSN: 314-480-4920

How do I order regalia (cap and gown)? +

You should order your regalia as soon as possible. To ensure you receive your cap and gown in time for the ceremony, the final day to order regalia online is 2 April.

What do I do if my regalia does not arrive in time for the ceremony? +

There will be a limited supply of regalia for purchase available at the ceremony on a first-come, first-served basis. Please notify the UMGC Europe Office of Student Services as soon as possible if you do not receive your regalia on time. If you would like to contact the vendor directly, you may do so by contacting the Oak Hall customer assistance from 0815-1700 EST by calling CIV 001-540-387-0000 or via e-mail using the customer contact page.

What if I am still enrolled in courses that will finish after the commencement ceremony? +

You will be able to participate in the ceremony. However, all required coursework for your degree must be completed by 30 May or 30 June (MBA and Cybersecurity), which is the spring graduation dates. If you have questions about your remaining coursework, contact your academic advisor.

What are the qualifications for academic honors? +

Academic honors for excellence in scholarship are determined by the student's cumulative GPA calculation at UMGC. The distinction of summa cum laude is conferred on those students with a cumulative GPA of 4.000, magna cum laude on those students with a cumulative GPA of 3.901 up to 3.999, and cum laude on those students with a cumulative GPA of 3.800 up to 3.900. To be eligible for any of these categories of recognition, students must have earned at least 30 credit hours at UMGC in courses for which a letter grade and quality points were assigned.

Where will you send my diploma? +

Your diploma will be sent to the diploma mailing address you have listed in MyUMGC. To update, change, or verify your address, please go to: MyUMGC > MyInfo > Contact Information > Address.

When will I receive my diploma? +

UMGC graduates can expect to receive their diplomas by mail approximately six to eight weeks after the degree conferral date.

Students requiring verification of their degree prior to the degree conferral date may request a letter of completion via e-mail from Graduation Services at graduationserv@umgc.edu. Be sure to include your name, EmplID (student number), and your mailing address in your request. If your letter needs to be sent to a third party, you must submit a written request with your signature via fax or postal mail.