LGST Course Listing

Advanced Legal Research and Analysis (LGST 300, 3 Credits)
Prerequisite: LGST 200. An in-depth examination of research methods to identify primary authority relevant to legal issues. The goal is to identify legal issues, implement research strategies to find relevant primary authority, and use this authority to analyze the issues. Topics include the use of computer-assisted legal research systems to locate case law, statutory law, administrative law, and rules of procedure and evidence and methods to identify and analyze legal issues. Students may receive credit for only one of the following courses: LGST 400 or PLGL 400.

Advanced Legal Writing (LGST 301, 3 Credits)
Prerequisite: LGST 201. A focused study of the principles and techniques for drafting legal advocacy writings. The objective is to analyze legal issues and advocate for results based on that analysis. Assignments include a complex office memorandum, a demand letter, and an external advocacy memorandum. Students may receive credit for only one of the following courses: LGST 301, LGST 401, or PLGL 401.

Special Topics in Legal Studies (LGST 398, 1 Credit)
An examination of topics in legal studies and related fields. May be repeated when topics differ.

Advanced Legal Practices (LGST 495, 3 Credits)
(Intended as a capstone course, to be taken in a student's last 9 credits of coursework for the major.) Prerequisite: LGST 301. A portfolio-driven study of professional practices in the legal field. The goal is to integrate the competencies gained through previous coursework and experience. Assignments include projects relevant to work in the legal environment.