JOUR Course Listing

Introduction to News Writing (JOUR 201, 3 Credits)
(Fulfills the general education requirement in communications.) Prerequisite: WRTG 112 or equivalent. An introduction to writing news articles for print and electronic media. The aim is to evaluate the newsworthiness of information and events and write in journalistic style. Emphasis is on writing, from mechanics (grammar, spelling, punctuation, and journalistic style) to content (accuracy, completeness, audience, and readability) and reporting.

Public Relations Theory (JOUR 330, 3 Credits)
Prerequisite: JOUR 201. A study of the evolution, scope, and contemporary practice of public relations and its strategic value in business, nonprofits, government, associations, and other organizations. The goal is to apply legal, ethical, and professional standards to the everyday practice of public relations. Topics include communication theory, social science, and audience dimensions as they are applied to a four-step process: research, planning, communication, and evaluation.

Independent Study (JOUR 398, 3 - 6 Credits)

Workplace Learning in Journalism (JOUR 486A, 3 Credits)
Prerequisites: 9 credits in the discipline and prior program approval (requirements detailed online at The integration of discipline-specific knowledge with new experiences in the work environment. Tasks include completing a series of academic assignments that parallel work experiences.