COP Course Listing

Foundations of Cyber Operations (COP 610, 6 Credits)
Prerequisite: DCL 600. Gain the foundational information security knowledge and skills needed to work in cyber operations, including security first principles, access control, and layered defense. Apply risk analysis of information and information systems, integrate cryptographic techniques for protecting information, and crack codes through the use of cryptanalysis.

Cybersecurity Defense (COP 620, 6 Credits)
Prerequisite: COP 610. Master the application of defense-in-depth architecture in system design, and counteract threats and vulnerabilities in networks, devices, operating systems, data management systems, and applications. Identify cloud and virtualization security issues and respond to them using their countermeasures. Apply intrusion, cyber defense, and attack detection techniques in a laboratory.

Cyber Law and Digital Forensics (COP 630, 6 Credits)
Prerequisite: COP 620. Explore U.S. and international laws governing cyber operations and digital evidence. Design a cyber-offense campaign that complies with U.S laws, and apply digital forensics tools and techniques for network, media, and RAM of common operating systems and devices in a virtual environment.

Secure Software (COP 640, 6 Credits)
Prerequisite: COP 630. Master secure design and operation principles by examining classes of well-known defects that lead to security vulnerabilities, and utilize both static and dynamic analysis tools to find those vulnerabilities. Apply secure design principles in a virtual environment.

Capstone in Cyber Offense (COP 670, 6 Credits)
Prerequisite: COP 640. Assume the role of a cyber warrior. Apply reverse engineering techniques to analyze malware and system software, and implement cyber-offense techniques in a laboratory to penetrate and infect a system that lacks cyber defenses.