ARTT Course Listing

Introduction to Drawing (ARTT 110, 3 Credits)
A hands-on introduction to various drawing media and related techniques. The objective is to translate the three-dimensional world into two dimensions, communicate through a visual medium, and critique visual works of art. Projects are based on nature and still life.

Design I: Arrangement and Color (ARTT 120, 3 Credits)
Prerequisite: GRCO 100. A project-driven study of the design elements of a composition as they relate to its overall expression. The aim is to apply elements and principles of design, including color theory, to create a variety of compositions that effectively communicate ideas and emotions.

Basics of Photography (ARTT 152, 3 Credits)
(Access to a digital camera with manual settings required.) An introduction to basic photographic procedures with an emphasis on composing, taking, and editing photographs. Discussion covers the historical development of photography. Students may receive credit for only one of the following courses: ARTT 152 or PHOT 198.

Art Appreciation (ARTT 205, 3 Credits)
An introduction to a variety of two- and three-dimensional art forms, with particular emphasis on two-dimensional arts. The goal is to examine the elements and principles of design, materials, and techniques used in personal and professional settings. Examples from different media (including illustration; painting with oils, acrylics, and watercolors; and sculpture) are used to consider form, light, color, perspective, and other elements of art.

Intermediate Drawing (ARTT 210, 3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ARTT 110. A continuing examination of materials and techniques of drawing. The objective is to apply drawing techniques and visual principles to various subjects, communicate through drawing, and critique works of art. More advanced media, compositions, techniques, and subjects are explored. Students may receive credit for only one of the following courses: ARTS 210 or ARTT 210.

Watercolors/Landscapes (ARTT 298, 3 Credits)
Practice in basic techniques and processes of painting nature and landscapes using watercolors.

Painting (ARTT 320, 3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ARTT 110. Practice in the basic tools and vocabulary of painting. The goal is to apply an understanding of compositional strategies, visual principles, and basic materials and techniques to produce paintings using oil/watercolor/acrylic paints.

Advanced Painting (ARTT 428, 3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ARTT 320. Creation of original compositions based on the figure, nature, and still life, as well as expressive painting. The goal is to paint in a variety of styles and techniques, work with more complex forms (including drapery, transparency, and reflections), and work in landscape and/or figure in space painting. Emphasis is on the development of personal directions. May be repeated to a maximum of 12 credits.